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Tabbed browsing

You can see in the picture that Opera supports many pages inside one window. And because Opera is very light-weight you won't have any problems of having tens of pages open. The true brilliance of the feature comes in the ease of opening and navigating the pages.

You can quickly open a list of links in two easy ways. The first one is to press down Ctrl and Shift when you click a link and the second is middle-clicking the link. These two methods will open new pages in the background so you can go on clicking links while pages are downloading. You can also open pages from the Links panel.

When you have tens of pages open, it is important to be able to go through them in an easy way. For that you can either use mouse or the keyboard - or both. Which ever way you choose, you should definitely go to Tools > Preferences > Windows and change Window cycling to "Cycle without showing list" or "Cycle in page bar order". To learn how to fastes move between pages, read the sections about Mouse or Keyboard.

For even more efficiency, there will be a separate tutorial about advanced page browsing.


Pop-up blocking

Opera has two modes of pop-up blocking: "Block all pop-ups" and "Block unwanted pop-ups". If you select "Block unwanted pop-ups" Opera will only open pop-ups when you request it by clicking a link. You can easily access these (and two other pop-up options) by pressing F12.

Delete private data

Browsing in sites leaves tracks but those tracks can be easily removed when you use Opera. Don't be lured by the temptive banner that you see on the Web! To empty history, cache, history and other - in detail - go to Tools > Delete private data. Beware, that to clear the data, Opera will close all open pages! You can also have more detailed control over your private data:

Boss button

 Quick launch is in the bottom left corner of your computerYou can quickly hide Opera by pressing Ctrl + H. You can get back to Opera by double-clicking the Opera icon in the Quick launch.

Take control of your pages

JavaScript can cause gray hair: pages in background jumping to the front, pages that resize themselves, pages that move themselves, or steal your right-click menu. You can disable Javascript (Press F12 and unselect Enable JavaScript) but JavaScript can sometimes be necessary for accessing a page. That is why you can disable just the most annoying parts of it. Go to Tools > Preferences > Multimedia > .

Stop redirection

Redirection on the Internet is used for both good and bad, so be aware that disabling redirection may also have ill consequences. There are two types of redirects you can block:

See visited links easily

Some pages show visited and unvisited links in the same colour. An easy way to get rid off such styling is to press Ctrl + G. You can have even more fine tuned-control of your page styles, such as showing visited links in with a line-through or decide not to show them at all.

Downloading and browsing

Besides tabbed browsing, Opera has some more nice browsing features which makes it superior to other browsers.

Links panel

When you are on a page that has links to files you want to download, open the links panel (press Ctrl + 9). Links panel shows all the links on the page. You can select the links you want, right click on the selected area and select Download or Quick Download. When you lock the links panel, you can keep the links in view even if you go to another page.

Quick download

When right-clicking a link or items in the Link panel you can see an option "Quick download". This will download the target files to your computer without giving a pop-up dialog asking you where you want to download the files - which would be slow to do for each and every file. Instead, they are directly downloaded to your Download directory, which you can set in Tools > Preferences > Programs and paths.

Instant download

Unlike other browser, Opera will start downloading a file immediately after you click a link or select Save target as from the context menu. When you have told where you want to download the file, Opera will just move it there.

Fast Forward

Opening links in background pages is by far the fastest method to go visit all the links. But it isn't always about speed, is it? When you are in an image gallery or a directory listing, click the FastForward button or press Shift + X. This will take you through all the pictures and when you have gone through them, Opera will return to where you started. Nice, eh?

Hand(s)-free browsing

When you are browsing your hands often have better things to do than caress the computer hardware. You will want to browse with minimal effort and at the same time be sure to hit the right buttons. With Opera, it is easy to browse with one hand either using the mouse or or the keyboard.

The most important functions to look at, are: opening links (in the background), closing pages, saving images, and browsing between pages. We'll have a closer look at them. If you need more help with keyboard shortcuts this page.


 When you use the mouse, you can do it the old fashioned way of clicking, right clicking, pointing at small things etc. With Opera, you can use mouse gestures and even create ones of your own. When you perform a mouse gesture, for example "down, right", you keep the right mouse button down and move the mouse first down, then right. See Help > Contents > Mouse


 Opera has been developed to keep in mind those who can't use the mouse because of their disability. This means that Opera has a plenty of keyboard shortcuts that help everybody in browsing. Using keyboard shortcuts is the fastest way to browse. You will find quite a few keyboard shortcuts by pressing Ctrl+B.

But before you can start using the keyboard shortcuts, you will have to learn how to move between links. Piece of cake:

QPrevious link ANext link
Shift+UpLink above Shift+DownLink below
Shift+LeftLink on the left Shift+RightLink on the right


 Since Opera released 7.55 with IBM, you have been able to command your browser with speech. How is that for hands-free browsing! Opera 7.60 has improved the support browsing with voice and it can also read aloud for you.

Voice has the same actions available as when surfing with mouse or keyboard (see above). If you want to know what to say to get some action, have a look at the help files.



Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out. You can also use the Zoom box on the address bar. You can zoom between 20% to 1000%!

Full screen

Press F11, and Opera will go into Full screen mode. And if you're using the keyboard shortcuts you won't even miss the toolbars.

Inline find

If you are looking for text on a web page you should always use the search functionality in your browser. Besides the usual search dialog in Edit > Find there is also Inline find.

Search for similar sites

If this is the kind of page you like search for similar pages at Navigation > Go to similar page.

Take notes of your pages

To take notes of pages, select text from a page, right-click it and select "Copy to notes". Notes will be in the notes panel which you can open by pressing Ctrl + 6. There are two special things about notes. The first one is that you can search them by typing in the search field. The second is that a note works as a link to the page where it was copied from.

Extra material

Keyboard to mouse converter

F12Tools > Quick preferences
Ctrl + Alt + HTools > History
Ctrl + GView > Style
Shift + XNavigation > Fast forward
F11View > Full screen
+ and -View > Zoom
Ctrl + 9Panel selector:
Ctrl + 6Panel selector:


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